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Fall Pest Infestation

The start of fall means the end of bees, mosquitoes, and some of those other annoying summertime pests. However, autumn is not immune to bugs either. Colder weather means some of those critters will be looking for a new warm and cozy indoor living space. Unfortunately, your home meets these criteria for many different pests.


Mice, rats and other rodents love to move indoors prior to winter. Gathering food and finding a secure space is a top priority before it gets too cold outside. They are small enough to fit in small cracks and crevices in the home, and will even burrow through the foundation if it means getting inside. Food crumbs and residue will also attract rodents.


Fall is mating season for arachnids, which means trouble for your home. Adult female spiders look to find proper shelter so they may lay their eggs and keep them warm until they hatch. Food is also available indoors for them in the form of other pests. Spiders are even smaller than rodents, making it that much easier for them to make their way inside.

Stink Bugs

True to their name, these guys flat- out stink to find in your house. Both literally and metaphorically. They are large compared to an average house fly and will release a foul odor if crushed or killed. Winter is hibernation for these bugs, so September through early December is all about finding warmth and safety.

Fall Pest Prevention

There are many ways to prepare your home for a fall infestation. Let’s look at how you can limit the number of pests invading your home when the leaves change color.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

Everyone loves a good Friday night bonfire after a high school football game. To have a bonfire, you need firewood! However, this should be kept well away from the home aside from flammability issues. Pests get into the dark crevices between the wood to find shelter and will move into the house from there.

Seal the House

As mentioned, pests will find any small crack to infiltrate a house. To minimize this, use weatherproof sealants on windows, foundation cracks and any other areas you think are open for entry. It is nearly impossible to cover everything, but every bit of control helps.

Summer Cleaning

Dirt, food scraps and other types of debris are enticing for any type of critter. Keeping up on the cleanliness of your home throughout the summer will make limiting the number of pests in the fall an easier task.

Who to Contact

Looking to prevent that next pest invasion or trying to deal with a current one? Contact Peace of Mind Pest Control to help with your issue!

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