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How Clutter Can Attract Pests

No one wants pests in their homes. Unfortunately, many people struggle with keeping their houses clean. Even the best of us have those times where we just might let things go a little bit, and the resulting clutter ends up being a magnet, attracting insects and rodents from all over. It’s a known fact that clutter breeds pests, but you might now know why. Here are a few ways in which clutter can attract pests.


While it might not seem very edible to us, trash and clutter like paper, cardboard and dirty clothes offers a great food source for many different kinds of pests. When you leave trash on the ground, you’re basically leaving out a buffet that attracts insects from all over, telling them to come in and enjoy the feast. And if the trash involves things like actual food, then it’s basically over: anything and everything will want to get in a get a free meal.

Nesting Materials

Clutter means shelter. For smaller pests like insects, trash lying around offers the perfect spot to hide from the rest of the world. For larger pests like rats or mice, the trash offers plenty of building materials that they can chew up and then repurpose to use however they see fit. Either way, the clutter of your house offers plenty of nesting opportunities.


Believe it or not, clutter can also offer a water source for pests. This is due mainly to the decay and storage of liquid in various organic material. In addition, though, clutter can often make it harder to spot leaky pipes or other plumbing problems. This gives your uninvited guests easy access to water sources, which basically means they’re good to go for as long as they need to be.

There’s no other way to put it: having clutter in your house is the perfect way to invite an infestation. If you don’t want insects and rodents in your home, then it’s crucial to keep your house clean and free of all clutter. If you would like to know more about what you can do to keep your home pest-free, or if you’d like to discuss ways to manage or prevent further infestations, please contact us at Peace of Mind Pest Control today!

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