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How to Keep Pests From Infesting Your Home While You’re Away

Every homeowner needs to consider a few things before taking a long vacation or traveling for an extended period on business. Deciding who will get your mail, what to do about trash and recycling pickup, and adjusting your heating and cooling settings are all important considerations to make. What few homeowners realize is that their home also needs to be prepped in advance of their departure to keep pests from invading your home and gaining a foothold. What steps should be taken? Here are a few tips from the pros at Peace of Mind Pest Control Home Inspections, Inc.

Seal Exterior Cracks and Crevices

Insects, rats and mice love to find those little broken places in the exterior of your home. It’s like a small beacon of warmth and shelter that they can literally smell on the wind. Use some good sealing foam or silicone caulking to deny them access. Unless of course, you want to share your home with them, because if you leave those cracks and crevices exposed, they are coming in. There’s no such thing as “too small” for bugs and rodents.

Keep Things Clean

Rotting food, spilled liquid behind counters and fridges, and any food waste in your sink is like a magnet for pests. No one intentionally leaves dirty dishes in the sink when taking a vacation or making a trip for work, but you want to ensure you aren’t inviting unwanted guests for the season by failing to clean up after yourself and inadvertently feeding them while you are away.

Make sure your couch and other living room furniture get cleaned once a week too, especially if you eat in front of your TV. Those crumbs may not be fit for human consumption after a while, but they are a literal feast for pests.

Eliminate Moisture Collection Areas of Your Home

Leaking faucets, dripping pipes, and clogged drains are the preferred water supply for mice, rats, and a whole slew of pestilent insects. If they have access to water and shelter, they will more than likely decide your home is the best place for them to make a new home. Keep plumbing and crawl spaces dry and in good repair, so you won’t need to worry about pests invading while you are away.

Are you a Modesto, CA local homeowner? Do you travel frequently for work or vacation? Call Peace of Mind Pest Control Home Inspections, Inc. to see if your home is ready for your time away. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Don’t let pests invade your home while you’re away. Contact Peace of Mind today!

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