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How to Protect Your Pet from Summer Pests

When we think of bugs and insects, as homeowners we often worry about whether or not our house is safe and bug-free. However, it’s also important to think about those that live in our houses -- including our pets. Our furry friends trust us to keep them safe, and that includes safe from bugs as well. But, how can you keep your pet free from bugs this summer? Here are some tips.

Keep Your Dog Clean

For dogs, one of the best ways to keep them free from bugs is to keep their coat healthy and clean. Bugs like to burrow deep into a dog’s coat -- and even dig deep into their skin. By giving your dog frequent scrubbings with a healthy shampoo, you can help keep their fur bug-free.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t need to be cleaned quite as often. In fact, washing a cat too much can be downright unhealthy. However, if your cat is dealing with fleas and ticks then a good flea shampoo might be just the thing.

Keep Your Lawn Clean

Bugs thrive in long, hairy grass. If you don’t keep your grass short and well-maintained, you are basically inviting bugs to take up camp in your yard. And if you let your animals out into this yard, you can bet bugs are going to find them.

Pets Should Remain Inside at Certain Times

Certain bugs, like mosquitos, are more active at certain times of the day. Dusk and dawn are especially bust times of the day for insects like these. Keeping your pets indoors during the more active times of the day helps to limit their exposure to insects, and keep them bug free.

Watch Your Pets

When we think of insects on our pets, the bugs we worry most about are fleas and ticks. These guys take up residence on your pet’s coat and make their life miserable. The good news is they can be found easily by visual inspection. Take the time every so often -- maybe once a week, if not more -- to inspect your dog or cat’s fur. Fleas will be easy to spot (you can just watch them as they crawl through the fur) but ticks can be harder. Run your hand over your pet and feel for unusual bumps. This could be the sign of a tick that’s latched onto the skin.

If you would like to know more about how to keep your pets bug-free this summer, contact us at Peace of Mind Pest Control today!

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