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New Construction Homes and Pest Control

Purchasing a newly constructed home is wonderful in so many ways. You don’t have to “just deal” with a previous owner’s choices or lack of maintenance. You don’t have to worry about big projects like replacing the roof, windows or doing work on the foundation. Starting out with a new home puts you ahead of the curve when it comes to most home maintenance, but not all. Many new construction home-owners mistakenly believe that pest control isn’t necessary when moving in. New construction homes can also attract many types of pests. Keep reading to find out which ones and what you can do to protect your new home.


Before your home was built, the land was filled with all kinds of insects and animals. Of course, many of them move on due to the activity of construction, but not all of them go away. During construction, many pests can get trapped in the construction site or decide that they have hit the jackpot and migrate towards your new home. Pest elimination before construction begins is the best way to handle unwanted pests.

During construction

The construction process itself can draw many unwanted critters. Poor sanitation and standing water at the site can lead to mosquitoes and flies. Food and drink containers from construction workers can draw coyotes and raccoons, not to mention wandering cats and dogs. Containers and equipment left on site can serve as homes for all types of pests.

Post construction

After construction is complete, there are insects and rodents that have already taken up residence in your home. Especially if there was a delay in construction, mice will create nests in any open spaces like walls and insulation. Rats and mice will scavenge wire, foam and insulation to build their nests. Once construction is complete and there are no more building materials lying around, rodents will gnaw through plastic pipes and wires to find what they need. Flying pests like birds and bats often take up residence in copulas and soffits as well as under roofing tiles. Everything from spiders, ants and termites to ticks, fleas and feral cats and dogs can already be sharing your brand-new home when you move in.

Things to remember

The important thing to remember about new construction homes and pest control is that the pests were there before your home was built. While some will be scared off by construction, others will be unintentionally trapped or see your home as a great opportunity. Talk with your pest control technician at Peace of Mind Pest Control about treating your land before construction begins to give yourself the best protection against pests. If your construction process is delayed for any reason, it dramatically increases your chance of pest infestation issues.

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