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Pests That Appear At The Start Of Spring

With a new year comes new opportunities for pests to show up in the neighborhood. As winter is coming to a close, you might be very curious about what kinds of bugs the warmer weather will attract and how they will behave in your home. Depending on the species of pest, it will take certain measures for them to survive the cold winter. Even though California is a warm state in which winters don’t often dip below 50 degrees, that gives bugs the advantage of survival and prepares them for a prosperous spring ahead.

Here are some of the common pests that you may encounter towards the start of spring.

Carpenter Ants

One of the most reactive ants to warmer temperatures is none other than the carpenter ant. When the spring weather kicks in, carpenter ant colonies start to forage for food in both natural habitats and households alike. A series of ants may also move their nests towards your territory for nearby shelter and food. Carpenter ants are also relentless in terms of how they can eat through wood, such as structural foundations, floors and walls.


Fleas are most active during the springtime, and the greatest risk of getting a flea infestation in the home is if you own one or more pets and they do not get bathed regularly. It is also possible for homes without pets to get fleas, as they thrive off of filth and lack of hygiene. To prevent fleas, simply undergo proper sanitary measures for both your family and your home. To put it simply: stay clean.


Spring is the spider’s favorite season. Although there are only two types of spiders that can be detrimental to you and your family’s health, they can be a real pain to have to deal with when you prefer to have a pest-free home. Spiders can crawl through cracks and narrow openings to get inside of your home, and they will nest in places that are cool and dark, such as garages, basements and other rooms of the house. To prevent the occurrence of spiders in the home, simply seal any and all possible cracks and keep windows and doors to the outside of the home shut.

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