Crows Landing, CA Pest Control

Crows Landing is a small town founded on the San Joaquin River. A few miles southeast of Patterson, Crows Landing is a farming community that produces a wine of the same name. It is still home to some of its founders: the Crow family. Farming can bring with it plenty of pests, and Peace of Mind is there to tackle even the toughest pest problems in Crows Landing.

Residential Pest Control

Busy families don’t have time to deal with unwanted pests, but pests don’t care about that. Peace of Mind takes a proactive approach towards residential pest control with our Integrated Pest Management Program with monthly and bi-monthly options.

Our pest experts will find your pests’ hiding spots and eliminate them. We’ll use a variety of products as needed, including sprays, baits and granular applications, and we even have non-chemical alternatives available. Once we’ve treated, we’ll apply a protective barrier to keep pests from returning. Annually, we’ll perform a termite inspection for no additional charge for extra safety and your peace of mind.

With the right treatments and pest management programs, your home and property will be protected, and you and your family can sleep soundly.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can do a lot of damage to a business. We can give you Peace of Mind. Our team of pest control experts offers comprehensive inspections to identify the source of infestations or potential trouble spots. We can help you regain control or stop problems before they start.

We offer comprehensive pest control solutions that can be customized according to the kind of pest, the type of business and even budgetary needs. Peace of Mind has worked with many businesses, including the hospitality industry, manufacturers, agricultural businesses, warehouses, healthcare facilities, office buildings, restaurants and more. We can help you design and implement an Integrated Pest Management plan that addresses your unique needs and stop your pest problem in its tracks.

About Peace of Mind

Each member of our team is highly trained in the latest industry standards and fully committed to bringing you the best possible service. We use advanced technologies and products to treat your property and manage pest problems and will work with you to find a solution for your biggest pest concerns. We offer a variety of pest and inspection services, including:

Contact our skilled experts today to learn more about our Integrated Pest Management plans or to get your free estimate.