Gustine, CA Pest Control

Gustine, California, is proudly nestled among bountiful fields in a gorgeous country setting in the center of the state. With approximately 5,000 residents, Gustine boasts a slow-paced atmosphere with a culture of friendliness. Although it was originally founded as a railroad town for the Southern Pacific Railroad early in the 1900s, Gustine now focuses much of its economy on local dairy production as well as agriculture. It is also a pleasant place to live with plenty of small businesses in the heart of downtown, growing housing developments and numerous recreational activities for people of all ages. Plus, San Francisco is less than two hours away.

The climate here is arid and warm with very little annual rainfall. While these drier conditions can keep some pests away, it also forces those pests that remain into better conditions in houses and businesses. Sometimes, this is the only way that certain pests will be able to face the dismal conditions outdoors. Inside, they can find food and the moister conditions that they love. In addition, pests often focus their attentions on well-conditioned landscaping that is frequently watered.

Residential Pest Control

Therefore, residential pest control is quite important in Gustine. Pests often look for spots in flower beds, gardens and mulch to build their homes. They may also start heading toward home foundations where temperatures may be cooler and conditions more favorable to their survival. Eventually, pests can head indoors through cracks in the foundation and tiny holes around windows and doors.

At Peace of Mind Pest Control, we focus on eradicating all types of pests from homes and yards using safe, low-chemical or chemical-free methods. We thoroughly treat all areas, schedule regular follow-up treatments and guarantee our services 100 percent.

Commercial Pest Control

Local businesses of all types can also benefit from our scheduled services. By controlling pest infestations in hotels, restaurants, offices and retail spaces, we can keep both employees and customers happy. Plus, we help business owners save money by protecting them from large infestations in the future.

Our commercial treatments begin with full examinations of the property and the building to determine exactly where the pests are and why they are entering the property. We will then provide complete pest eradication.


If you are like other people facing pest control issues, you could be wondering about the services we provide. We can help with a range of problems in addition to our standard pest control services:

At Peace of Mind Pest Control, our services are designed to lessen your stress, save you money and keep you free from the disease and destruction that most pests bring. We have all types of service plans based on your needs and budgetary concerns. Contact us today for a free service quote that will get you started.