Lathrop, CA Pest Control

Living in Lathrop, California, certainly comes with its benefits. Located in beautiful Northern California not too far from San Francisco, it offers all the benefits of small-town living with the advantages of a metropolis just over an hour away. Plus, residents and visitors can enjoy the gorgeous Sierra Mountains in the distance. The city is full of amazing schools plus numerous churches, parks and businesses to make the town a wonderful place to live or work. With nearly 25,000 residents, Lathrop provides plenty of regular services and is committed to increasing the growth of retail and residential spaces.

One thing that is not quite so nice about the city is the pests that can irritate even those with the most cleanly homes and buildings. Pests do not seem to care whether individuals keep areas tidy. Instead, they look for areas that have the food, water and nesting materials that they need to survive and thrive. Without professional services, pests will quickly multiply, making the area positively uncomfortable and unwelcoming.

Residential Pest Control

Residential pest control is the best place to start because individuals want to be comfortable in the spaces that are supposed to be the most relaxing. Peace of Mind Pest Control services Lathrop homes with a full array of treatments for both inside and outside. We begin with pest control to eradicate those pests that are already living around the home. We then follow that up with monthly or bi-monthly programs to let homeowners live pest-free long-term. These continuing treatments will take seasonal needs into mind as well.

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control should not stop at the end of one’s yard, however. Instead, it is something that is also desperately needed in all types of businesses throughout Lathrop. Lathrop has many thriving small and moderate-sized shops as well as restaurants, educational facilities and offices that can benefit from full pest control services. Our services are designed to produce quick results and give employees and customers peace of mind.

Pest Control Services

We are proud of the number of pest control services that we provide. We treat all types of area pests, including the following most common ones.

In addition to our general pest control services, we also provide home inspections and commercial inspections.

Whether you are dealing with a major pest infestation, are looking for a way to keep pests out of your yard or want to make sure that a newly purchased building is pest-free, Peace of Mind Pest Control is your wise choice. Call us today to experience our amazing service and to take us up on our free service quote.