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If you’re tired of spider webs, if mice have invaded your home or yard, or if the ants are marching one by one into your pantry, our Lodi pest control experts can help. We can remove just about any insect or pest you might have, including the following:

1. Spiders

There are many helpful spiders that control the general insect population. Of course, if you have quite a few spiders in your home, this also probably means you have quite a few insects in your home as well. There are also several poisonous spiders common to our area, such as the black widow and brown recluse spiders, and these species can harm humans and pets, so if you spot them in or around your home, please give us a call as soon as possible.

2. Crickets

The occasional cricket is no cause for alarm, but if you do have many crickets inside your home, they do like to munch on paper, wallpaper and fabric. Additionally, cricket infestations are annoying (and loud), so if you notice an abundance of crickets in your yard or home’s interior, our Lodi pest control team can remove these pesky, noisy creatures.

3. Ants

Ants are helpful, but too many ants can be a nuisance. Carpenter ants also can be quite destructive and fire ants can bite and irritate the skin. If you’ve noticed many ants inside your home or see evidence of carpenter ants or fire ants, it is a good idea to schedule our Lodi pest control services.

4. Rodents

If you’ve seen mice scurrying across your kitchen floor or perhaps a rat or two running through your yard, give us a call. These animals spread many different diseases and, if your cars are parked outdoors, they even can build nests in your vehicle engines and munch through engine wires, causing extensive damage. Our Lodi pest control experts can handle rodent removal and control as well as eliminating insects and spiders.

5. Fleas & Ticks

If you have pets, then you already understand that fleas and ticks need to be kept under control. While their bites can irritate the skin, especially flea bites, the more important reason to eliminate these pests is the diseases they carry. These diseases include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and even plague. If you have these critters in your yard, please give us a call as soon as possible.

6. Earwigs & Sowbugs & Centipedes

These icky creatures actually don’t cause a lot of harm to humans or their homes, however they are a nuisance and if you have them in your home, it can indicate that there are many other pests in your house. House centipedes, for instance, love to munch on other insects, and you may have them in your home if there is an abundant food source. If you notice that these insects have invaded, we can remove them from your home and keep them under control in your yard. As a side note, while the name “earwig” may sound ominous, these insects do not burrow in people’s ears, and pose no actual harm to humans or pets.

7. Aphids & Whiteflies

Aphids and whiteflies tend to arrive seasonally, in warmer weather, and we can remove these pests as soon as we spot any evidence of them, such as the sticky white residue they leave on plant and tree leaves. These pests are extremely aggressive and difficult for homeowners to remove, but we can keep them from damaging your ornamental plants and shrubs as well as your fruit trees and garden vegetables.

8. Roaches

Whether the roaches are outside scampering around your trash cans or hiding in your kitchen cupboards, we can remove these disgusting pests. Not only are these insects gross, they also can aggravate asthma and allergies, so having them in your home also may pose health risks for some of your family members.

9. Termites

Termites are some of the world’s most destructive creates, and in addition to our regular Lodi pest control services, we also offer free limited termite inspections for all non-real estate transactions. Our team can identify the type of termites you may have, develop an extermination plan and provide you with most termite-related repairs.

After your initial pest inspection, we will develop an Integrated Pest Management Program for your home. This includes monthly or bi-monthly service cycles depending on your needs. Our Lodi pest control team will use spraying, baiting and granular applications to prevent and remove pests, as well as using several non-chemical pest control methods. In addition, our pest control service is guaranteed to eliminate all pests, or we will return and fix the issue for free.

In addition to providing Lodi pest control services, we also provide pest control services for all cities within San Joaquin County, as well as Stanislaus and Merced counties. You can either schedule an inspection by giving us a call or by simply clicking on the red Schedule Here tab or FREE Pest Estimate tab.

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