Modesto Pest Control

Your home should be your castle, but if your house seems to be overrun with various pests, the team at Peace of Mind can help. We offer a wide range of Modesto pest control services, including the following.


Every Californian understands just how important it is to keep your home free of termites and we provide expert termite inspections as well as termite treatments and repairs. Our services include termite inspections for real-estate transactions as well as general inspections of homes and commercial properties.

Rodent Issues

If mice, rats and other similar pests are invading your home or yard, we can help. These pests not only carry diseases, they can cause structural damage to your home. Our services include full rodent management and control.

Interior Insect Issues

Are trails of ants marching toward your pantry? Do you notice an abundance spiders lurking in the corners of your walls? Do silverfish scurry about when you open the drawer beneath your oven? These are just a few pests you might encounter in your home, and our technicians can help you eradicate these pests and just about any other insects that tend to invade our homes and properties.

Exterior Insect Issues

If your yard seems to be a breeding ground for fleas and ticks or perhaps roaches are attacking your garbage cans, it’s probably time to call pest control experts. Not only can we eradicate these pests, we also can help you prevent them from coming back. This includes removing the sticky mess and fungus left behind by destructive pests such as aphids and whiteflies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t just icky; they also bite and irritate the skin. These horrible pests also can be very difficult to eradicate, but our pest control technicians can handle any size bedbug job. We have several different methods we can use to get rid of bed bugs, such as heat treatments, chemical treatments or possibly fumigation.

More About Our Services

Typically, we begin with an initial appointment where we simply come and take a look at your yard and your home’s exterior and interior. We will assess the situation and provide you with a free estimate of how much it will cost to control the issues. We also develop an Integrated Pest Management Program that features monthly or bi-monthly service cycles, depending on your needs.

In order to solve your pest problems, our Modesto pest control experts use sprays, baiting, granular applications and many non-chemical methods of removing unwanted pests. Additionally, we also offer weed control services and lawn fertilization.

As full-service Modesto pest control technicians, we offer both residential and commercial pest control services. Whether you need pest control in your private home or perhaps at your place of business, we can help. We also can provide pest control services for apartment complexes, assisted living facilities, warehouse facilities, motels, medical building and more. If you need any type of Modesto pest control, give us a call today.

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