Patterson Termite Repair

Of all the many pests you might have in your home, termites are perhaps the most dangerous. While they might not cause harm to your body, they can cause severe damage to the wood in your home, not to mention wood decks, balconies and fencing. Here are a few interesting facts about termites and some information about our Patterson termite and repair services.

1. There Are Multiple Species Of Termites

There may be as many as 50 different species of termites in the United States, and these pests fall into three main categories – dampwood termites, drywood termites and subterranean termites. Formosan termites are another type we might see in California. Each type is unique and so our Patterson termite and repair experts must develop a treatment plan that addresses the specific species of termites you have in your home or yard.

2. Termites Are Voracious Eaters

Termites live in huge colonies, and they never sleep, so all those termites in your yard or in your walls are eating, eating, eating all day and all night. Of course, each species’ eating habits are slightly different, but over the course of the year, a colony of termites can do some fairly significant damage to your home.

3.Termites Have Been Around Forever

Well, maybe they have not been around forever, but scientists do believe that termites have been on our Earth for more than 200 million years, far longer than humans. Once humans began building homes out of woods, we are sure that termites moved into these homes as well. While termites have been pestering homeowners since ancient times, we have much more sophisticated methods these days to stop these pests in their tracks.

4. Termites & Cockroaches Are Cousins

Just kidding, they aren’t actually cousins, but they are related. In fact, both creatures probably descended from the same ancestor species. As the world evolved, the two animals developed into independent, unique species. While they may not feature many similarities today, both animals would be high on the list of Least Favorite Insects.

5. Termites Do Have A Beneficial Side

Although we do not want to see termites in a home, these insects do perform a few beneficial tasks. For instance, they are decomposers and when they aren’t decomposing the structure of your house, they can be helpful breaking down plant matter. This makes soil more fertile. As they tunnel through the ground, they also help to aerate the soil, much like ants.

6. Queens Are Busy Mothers

Termite queens can lay about 30,000 eggs each day and they’ve been shown to live for as long as ten years. The vast majority of those eggs grow up to become soldiers or workers, and it might also interest you to know that these soldiers and workers are blind.

7. Termites Leave Signs

We don’t mean little protest signs like “Eat More Wood,” but they do leave some clues behind to let homeowners know that they have invaded your home. Typically, you will see tiny pieces of wood that resemble pencil shavings or perhaps piles of termite wings. Even if you see just one pile of droppings or one single termite, you need to contact our Patterson termite and repair service. The smallest evidence of termites indicates that a colony (or colonies) of termites has moved in and is busily munching away on your home.

Once you book an appointment, our team will identify which type of termites you have and locate all of their hiding areas. Then we will develop a treatment plan and provide you with a cost estimate. After treatment, we also can provide you with most repairs related to termite damage, such as dry rot.

In addition to providing Patterson termite and repair services, we also provide all types of pest control. If you notice any other pests, such as spiders, ants, silverfish, mice, roaches, whiteflies and more, give us a call and we can help you eliminate the pests and keep them under control permanently.