Turlock Termite & Repair Services

Every year in California, termites cause millions of dollars in damage. Our Turlock termite and repair services can be your best line of defense against these destructive creatures.

Signs Of Termite Infestations

While there are times when you might see termites flying in your home, this is not always the case. More likely signs include finding piles of termite droppings, and these look like tiny black or wood-colored pellets. Sometimes you might also find small piles of wings, which look a bit like fish scales. Additionally, with some types of termites, you will notice mud tubes on the exterior walls of your home. If you notice any of these signs, or if you do see termites flying or swarming in your home, it is time to call a pest control specialist.

Free Limited Termite Inspections

At Peace of Mind, we offer homeowners limited free termite inspections for non-real estate transactions, so if you do find evidence of termites, we can come out and examine your home, determine which type of termites you have and then provide cost information regarding remedies that will fix the issue.

Real-Estate Transaction Inspections

When a house or property changes hands, a termite inspection should be part of the escrow process. At Peace Of Mind, we provide more than 1,000 termite inspections each year for the real estate industry. Our comprehensive reports indicate precisely where termites have been found as well as the types of termites and estimates for treatment and repairs.

Termite Treatment & Repairs

Our team of pest control specialists can provide any type of termite treatment that you might need. We also can handle most termite repairs related to damage caused by termites or other wood destroying organisms.

Keeping Termites Away

Once we have eliminated termites from your home and completed all repairs, there are several things homeowners can do to help reduce the likelihood of a new infestation. One of the best ways to prevent termite damage is to keep moisture and sources of wood away from the foundation of your home.

For instance, if you have firewood, keep it away from the exterior walls of your home and elevate your wood pile off the ground. If you are replacing fencing or a deck, use termite-resistant materials or perhaps metal fence posts. If you have planting beds filled with mulch, ensure that these are away from your home’s foundation as termites love to nibble on the wood chips found in mulch. You also can opt for mulch that contains woods such as cedar and cypress heartwood, which repel termites. There are also gravel and plastic mulches to consider.

Of course, we also recommend that you schedule regular termite inspections to ensure that these pests are not heading back into your home and setting up colonies. We can create a monthly or bi-monthly pest control plan that includes helping you prevent termite issues as well as problems with any other type of pests.

If you need a Turlock termite inspection or Turlock termite repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide pest control and termite services to residents of Turlock as well as Modesto, Oakdale, Ceres, Patterson, Riverbank, Hughson and cities throughout Stanislaus County.